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Comprehensive list of Santa Monica, California based companies, consultants and advisors offering business management & coaching, company formation & strategic planning services.

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Our goal is to supply the best possible level of satisfaction and service for our customers, while helping them earn new process efficiencies and competitive advantages. SDPS is a Software Assurance SA benefit that offers deployment planning services based on your SA benefit level.

Our consultants approach each situation with a proven methodology focused on achieving quantifiable results. Taking the long term view, while focusing on getting the results required in the short term. The Steinbrun Group supplies active, hands-on management and advisory services to lead under-performing or distressed firms to profitability.

Digital Economics' services include: Developing innovative publishing and licensing business plans and pricing models that attract investors, and maximize the current value of future revenues and royalties. Collecting residential and international royalties payable by rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange and the Harry Fox Agency.

Dr. Roger Selbert and the Growth Strategies Group keep you current with trends that affect your business. They identify and analyze long-term trends, and supply near-term implications and applications to their customers. Roger is US economic analyst for the Institute of Business Cycle Analysis in Copenhagen, and North American representative for its US Consumer Demand Index

The human element may be the most important, yet least understood dimension in achieving and sustaining business success. How employees engage and reply to clients, managers and peers can be a barrier or a catalyst for success. We aid your organization evolve PeopleSavvy, enabling you to accelerate your firm's performance.

Quote - Rarely does a genuine opportunity come along that transforms the way you conduct business-making it more efficient, effective, productive and profitable-but such a time and opportunity is here and now. Consultants in Corporate Innovation is an organization dedicated to the value of new ways of learning in organizations.

McCall Springer is an independent private equity investment company with a distinctly differentiated approach to creating value. We apply a staff research-intensive approach toward originating proprietary organic growth opportunities and implementation plans enabling 5+ year, 20%+ annual revenue growth rates for 9- to 10-figure revenues businesses.

Barbara George heads BG CONSULTING, a business coaching company that works with entrepreneurs and specialists to propel them ahead. Prior to forming her business in 2000, Barbara was President and CEO of GLOBAL DOGHOUSE., which she joined shortly after it was established in 1993.