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Comprehensive list of Oakland County, Michigan based companies, consultants and advisors offering business management & coaching, company formation & strategic planning services.

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Manitu supplies strategy management consulting services. We work with executives to formulate industry-shaping strategies, and aid to define and manage the initiatives required to successfully execute that strategy. Manitu's clients are situated around the world, as well as right here in Michigan and the midwest.

Our exclusive Speed to Market technology is built on the service that reducing lead time is the single most effective strategy you can adopt to strengthen your firm's competitive position, improve profits, and secure the future of your none!. It is tailored to make order-driven businesses, such as job shops and custom manufacturing firms, more competitive and profitable.

Successful transformation of an organization's work culture requires changes in daily activities, management systems, mindset and philosophy. Anaar is a consulting firm committed to helping our customers improve their organization's efficiency and effectiveness. We have found that this requires a change in the underlying attitudes and systems present at their organizations.

Hospitals will have to pay for an increasing portion of the cost of correcting those errors as the country struggles to reduce health care costs overall. Human beings will always be fallible but human organizations and systems can come much closer to perfection. Preventable medical error is a problem we can solve now if we currently have sufficient resolve but traditional EMR approaches won't be sufficient.

Concise Computer Consulting. is a computer consulting company that services tiny to mid-sized businesses as well as the technically challenged homeowner. Our team has a huge array of pc and technology experience. Our staff of specialists is committed to delivering a complete solution for businesses and homeowners.

At Management Recruiters of West Bloomfield, every day we assist our customers build the core of their business by focusing our efforts on locating and placing the Impact Player, those individuals who give back disproportionate value to their employers. You know the kind, the ones who do their job and then some.

Mission: Our staff at the Allcroft Group consistently supplies highly value-added services as evidenced by improved bottom line results and customer growth. Our specialists consistently deliver strong financial expertise and advice to improve our customers' performance. For All of our Clients: We supply a diverse staff of expert business strategists that are dedicated to our customers' success.

Our exceptional staff supplies energized and creative market research and analysis. Our services are highly personalized and tailored to suit your specific project needs. This flexibility supplies a value added proposition. We specialize in reaching users and business with the utilization of product and brand studies. We integrate marketing insights into project findings.

The management consulting company specializing in human resources. RS&A is a premier supplier of human resources consulting services. We are known for crafting solutions that balance innovation with practicality, custom design with cost-effectiveness, and technical results with process.

Turning Insight Into Action.The Martec Group's global reach and unique approach to market research supply tactical decision support to aid customers achieve their strategic business aims. Our depth of industry expertise and insight supplies solid, actionable results.

Riegner & Associates. as it is known today originally began out as Riegner & Broughton R&B back in 1965 with printing and a graphics art studio as its main business. With some steady growth R&B eventually needed a larger space to run its operations and moved into the Boulevard West Building in Detroit in 1968.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs to build quality organizations through the development of people. The entrepreneur is an important part of our life style and culture. The perpetuation and extension of the entrepreneurial organization is vital to our survival as a society of individuals in a free enterprise system. The most important assets of a business are its human assets.

Having the correct information - accurate, timely and complete - can create decisions and the results they produce more effective. Koch-McNabb Resources. has been in the business of helping financial institutions make quality decisions since 1971. The firm was established on the principle of assisting financial institutions in decision-making for strategic questions and issues.

Employee skills no longer useful or now obsolete? Complying with health and safety standards?

Since 1982 DESC has been the resource for affordable, effective and comprehensive management assistance consulting service for other nonprofit organizations, K-12 educational school systems and governmental agencies in the SE Michigan region. DESC is dedicated to helping these organizations become more successful by improving the business side of their organization through increased efficiency, financial

The Small Business Strategy Group assists your tiny business grow. Whether you're a fledgling entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, SBSG finds innovative and creative solutions to the challenges facing your tiny business. Got a question about growing your tiny business? Ask us today & we will answer at no obligation.

MacMarty Advertising., providing marketing services to business-to-business clientele since 1968, is an agency committed to providing measurable results along with highly personalized service. Many of our customers have relied on us and our integrity for over twenty five years. MacMarty Advertising has put Henkel Surface Technologies in a great marketing position.

Onset Marketing is a Michigan business marketing services firm that supplies professional services tailored for medium and tiny size companies. We deliver strategic and tactical marketing solutions that give our customers an edge to compete in today's dynamic world. Our value comes from our hybrid skills set - marketing allied with technology.

Tiny Business Consulting ApproachHiring Strategic Thinktank. as your tiny business solutions partner is a cost effective way of implementing change speedily. We work with you on a project basis starting from a minimum of 10 hours per week depending on your requirements. If your are searching for new business consulting from a dependable and qualified business planner, we're at your service.

Are your Labor Posters up to date? Uses Word, Excel & PowerPoint for total flexibility. Now available in the US! Holzschu, Jordan, Schiff & Associates is your source of support for your Human Resource functions. Whether your firm is a start-up, new division of a foreign firm or an founded organization; we can support all of your Human Resource requirements.