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Comprehensive list of California based companies, consultants and advisors offering business management & coaching, company formation & strategic planning services.

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Our goal is straightforward… to help serious business owners generate more clients, close more sales and increase their overall revenue and profits… quickly and inexpensively. We specialize in sales and marketing for small business owners. Over the years, We’ve developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small business owners in the type of volatile economy we have today.

Established in 1997, West Rhode & Roberts serves an exclusive group of 400 business, non-profit, and tax customers in the San Diego area. Working side by side with our customers, our specialists combine over fifty years knowledge with attentive service to suit unique accounting, audit, and tax service requirements.

Plumas Corporation is the county's non-profit economic development entity, chartered in 1983. Our services are carried out in three primary functional areas: general economic and business development, visitor attraction through the Plumas County Visitors Bureau and natural resources primarily through the Feather River Coordinated Resource Management group.

Total Battery Consulting is a private battery consulting company specialized in power source technology assessment and product development, application and usage. TBC customers over the last 9 years have ranged from Silicon Valley startups to several of the world's biggest corporations.

The health care industry has made strides, but labors to take full advantage of the recent advances in technology. Everyone within the industry struggles to share necessary information while complying with privacy rules governing proper use of patients' medical records and billing accounts. And we are here to assist you and your organization.

We staff up with the world's largest firms to achieve ambitious goals. We work with everyone from the CEO to your hourly employees to build sustainability into your business strategy for the long haul. We'd like to show you how doing the correct thing and making money go hand in hand. And why working with Blu Skye is the most efficient way to do it.

Are you a micro-business entrepreneur searching for aid in starting or running your business better? West Company supplies free business consulting and training services to both start-ups and existing micro businesses. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

GS Soft is one of the fastest developing, world-class and reputed suppliers of Information Technology services and solutions. GS Soft staffing delivers technical staffing resources, from IT project managers to software engineers. As a true Global Organization, GS Soft provides its customers, partners and employees a lot of cross-cultural expertise.

The Strayer Consulting Group. is an organization development company specializing in helping technology firms build strong management teams to understand the competitive requirements of today's business environment. Operating in Silicon Valley since 1987, SCGI has five affiliate offices across the US and Canada.

Like any successful project, building a strong business requires a plan, a budget, a staff, and the correct equipment. Suiter Financial Systems has been consulting to tiny to mid-size businesses for more than twenty years. We understand the unique nature of the challenges you face. We give you the blue print for laying out your business for long-term success, and the tools for maximizing profits.

Risk Management Services RMS was set up in 1992 as a complete-service claims administration and risk management consulting company. Our team includes individuals with claims, risk management, medical, legal, insurance, and claims investigation experience and training.

The Queen lives up to her royalty lineage. The Queen's depth of experience and business expertise helped solve our QuickBooks accounting problems. & to the Land of Accounting, ruled with a fair hand by the Queen of QuickBooks. A trusted expert in her field, the Queen delights in simplifying issues like profit margins, depreciation, payroll, and ever-evolving tax changes.

You consider yourself a successful professional. You are proud of what you have achieved. But... you yearn for more. You want to increase the profitability of your business. You want to work at your full potential. Spend more time with family, friends, and other interests. Have financial liberty so you are ready for your next step in life. Work at your full potential, effortlessly and with ease.

R.J. Proto Consulting supplies productivity improvement, program design, and project management solutions to the solid waste industry. Whether in the private or public sector, our mission is to assist your business to become a high-performance organization that supplies superb client service, projects a positive public image, and maintains a healthy financial status.

The Millennium Group are specialists that understand the world of debits and credit, how to construct a balance sheet from scratch, organize your papers and receipts, and what you should save or what you can throw away. If there's guerrilla accounting, tiny businesses and specialists are in the trnch.

Gregg L. Mayer & Company. is a management consulting firm, set up in 1995, that assists firms in the two biggest healthcare markets of the world, the US and Japan, craft innovative and successful strategies for their products and services.

Dimensions Unlimited. is a complete emergency management consulting company specializing in providing professional emergency management programs that prepare your organization for mitigation, planning, preparedness, response and recovery. Vision statement : Dimensions Unlimited. will supply its customers with the best quality, personalized comprehensive emergency management and organizational consulting

A staff of economists, accountants, and appraisers serving the management requirements of private and public enterprise in the hospitality, tourism, retail, transportation, and healthcare sectors. To evolve and execute practical business management solutions, applying normative theory and adopted practice standards, using the most cost effective information technologies and decision support methods

The York Consulting Team is dedicated to helping our customers meet their business aims. We partner with you to integrate your business experience and expertise with proven, breakthrough organization development technologies, tools and processes. We consistently go the extra mile by customizing our work based on your requirements and readiness.

McLaughlin Consulting Group MCG, a staff of experienced professions, supplies a array of consulting services relating to electronic displays, advanced electro-optical technologies, materials science and nanotechnology. McLaughlin Consulting Group offers market and product studies in select markets, helps start-ups in writing business plans and raising funds, conducts technology searches and business