Iterators wants to challenge convention, the stigma associated with having a diverse background and the pressure experienced to feel "normal." Employers often demonstrate a negative bias toward interview candidates based on inaccurate information, and both underestimate and undervalue the overwhelming positives connected to those differences. But it does not have to be this way – we are able to utilize their unique strengths to provide better software testing outcomes while employing an underrepresented segment of the population in the workforce.

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  • Software Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Website Testing

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  Person Jill Willcox
  City Boston, MA
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Jill Willcox


Jill Willcox began her career in the nursing field, which included work as a liaison between insurance companies and people who sustained life-changing injuries at work. Over time, Jill began to work as a program director for the Crown Center for Autism at Evanston Hospital, which was a grant-funded project producing best practices in the diagnosis of patients suspected to be on the autism spectrum. She also worked as a benefits consultant for Hewitt Associates LLC. Throughout each of these professional experiences, Jill has supported others – patients, co-workers, clients and now Iterators’ employees.

Products & Services

We are flexible to match your approach, whether you are using Agile or traditional development methodologies. We can work with your requirements and test cases, or perform exploratory testing. We can provide 100% of your software testing, or supplement your internal team. Independence and creativity are key elements to find issues to help your software developers create high quality software.

Iterators performs Manual Testing with several different approaches, depending on your needs. We can execute test cases when available and are also proficient at structured exploratory testing techniques. Exploratory testing allows us to maximize the use of our creativity to delve into the areas perceived to have the greatest risk, or involve newly developed features. This is the basis for creating specific test cases for further manual testing, which can then be used as a foundation for automated testing.

Automated Testing is well-suited for our employees with STEM backgrounds who can create well-structured programs to perform robust tests that continue to work as new features are added. We use Selenium, Appium, Applitools and TestComplete. This provides you with the benefit of access to these tools without having to train your own team in all of the relevant best practices. We can also use our skills with additional tools that you may have in-house.

Many small to medium-sized companies don't have a statistician at their disposal to clean data or analyze performance statistics. We offer an array of services to help you.

Customer Testimonials

As an organization that is constantly updating our website, we get a lot of feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Iterators was helpful in locating potentially problematic back-end issues that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Their attention to detail was remarkable, and the level of professionalism was unmatched. We highly recommend their services to any size firm. Our experience could not have been better, and we also learned to better understand the interactions between our website traffic and our systems and databases.

I had a chance to go through your information — wow, it was amazingly thorough. You have highlighted a number of issues in your very comprehensive report. I think as owners of an app, sometimes we are so close we don’t see it as clearly as we could. Having ‘fresh eyes’ go through it is a great way to see things that our customers may be experiencing — in a new way.

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Autism Alliance of Michigan helped us understand the unique skills and capabilities this population has, and the h
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"Hiring new employees from the untapped workforce isnt just a clever way to find new employees its a smart busi
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People with autism often prefer repetitive work and may not have a strong desire or need for novelty. This can be a
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Support groups dedicated to diversity.
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3. Showcase the women in your company #womenintech #inclusivevendor #inclusivity
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Gender equality isnt an option its an essential resource for your company. #WomenatWork #recruiting
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There will be 500,000 adults on the autism spectrum aging into adulthood over the next 10 years. Yet a whopping 85%
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"Great relationships are possible between those on and off the spectrum. Accept neurodiversity and neurodivergence
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) along with Data Analytics look at raw data and convert it into useful information. Data often has missing fields, invalid entries and duplicate records. Data can also be in multiple files or formats that need to be decoded and merged together, so it can be used successfully. We use Excel, Python, R, and SAS to process these multiple files to extract useful information our customers can use, making their businesses more profitable. We can also provide statistical analyses of your data to look for insights.