Our mission is to liberate you to dress in a way that is authentic and empowering. Therefore creating better connections and communication in all areas of life.

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Working with Amy and Betsy is fun and rewarding! Love their common sense and practical approach. They taught me what looks and feels the best and it's saved time and money by making correct selections. My conversations with people have become deeper. I felt this process was so valuable, we had our whole team experience it. Thanks ladies for using your talents to make this world a better place! Love what you do!

I worked with Amy to help me select clothing that expresses who I am and really works for me. Through working with Amy I understand what styles and colors of clothing reflect who I am. It has made shopping much easier and I love how I look and feel in my clothes. Amy has helped me understand what clothing I already own that suits me and doing an educational shop to select new clothing. I highly recommend working with Amy and Element Into Focus.

This process (Amy in particular) helped me figure out which colors and shapes and other elements of style looked best on me. It helped immensely. I weeded out my closet and am no longer making stupid purchases (things that don't look good on me). I now always feel confident that I'm looking my best!

Identifying my element and wearing clothes with “my colors” and style has helped me feel like I’m at my best. People notice that the colors I wear bring out the best in me.

This process not only shifts your appearance, it can profoundly shift your relationship with yourself.

I am so grateful for this work, it has changed my life dramatically. I finally came out of hiding and now I am fully expressing who I am inside and out. Dressing in my truth feels awesome!


2016 CSB/SJU REDTalks? "Air, Water, Fire, Earth: What is Your Element" by Amy Bissonette '80

TALK: Physicists tell us everything in the world vibrates at a certain energetic level, including our own bodies. Using live models, Amy will demonstrate how knowing and dressing for your element reflects your true, God-given energy, enabling you to connect with others in a more powerful, authentic way.

BIO: Amy Campbell Bissonette 80 owns a business and a gym and has been a personal trainer for 20 years. Her motto is one healthy choice leads to another. She apprenticed in California to become an image consultant after a life-changing experience with the work and recently partnered with another stylist to form Sacred Styling, a business that strives to help people live from the inside, out.

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Below are some thoughts about the work I have been doing for over 5 years now. Wow, time flies when you're having fun! Have any of you ever experienced this? http://elementintofocus.com/look-good-feel-good/
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Check it out~ Our website got a new look! 😀 http://elementintofocus.com/
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Fashion tip alert 🚨. Black is not best. Try moving away from it this spring! Look for color that makes you pop..... eye color...hair color. Remember no one wants to be a floating head! 💁Don't know the right colors... email us for a consultation.
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Spring is the perfect time to update your style. Its fun going shopping with a professional because you don't waste money buying things that don't work for you.
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All the elements get a season. which element do you think this is?
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Halloween is over which means... holiday time:) Looking to give a gift that keeps on giving... look no further! We're now offering gift certificates at 20% off. Contact us for more info!
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00-1:26Introduction by the master of ceremonies for the College of St. Bens and St. Johns University. 6:50-9:14Before and after examples using the lens of ability to see and connect, as opposed to being distracted by clothing. 9:15-11:37Live models demonstrate before and after in an attempt to teach this distraction piece of the work. How you present yourself makes a world of difference in how people perceive you and how they treat you. Now is the time to Decidewho you want to be. Do you want to be your authentic, beautiful self?

Element Into Focus is here to answer any questions you may have about the process, pricing, timeline and more. Please feel free to send us a message using the contact form to the right and Amy or Betsy will get in touch with you soon.