Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt is an author, lecturer, and consultant specializing in leadership and organizational effectiveness. Paul possesses detailed knowledge in a wide range of areas and carries out his services in an entertaining and approachable manner. He can be depended upon to impart information with a light touch and always provides customized training tailored to the needs of his customers.

This approach means that Paul is flexible enough to deliver workshops on topics as varied as diversity, leadership, or team building without ever sacrificing quality. In his workshops, Dr. Gerhardt will revive your motivation and set you on a path to once again recognize your core potential. This will be achieved through a combination of targeted seminars and consulting services led with expert skill by Dr. Gerhardt.

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Dr. Paul Gerhardt

Dr. Paul Gerhardt is a seasoned, and respected authority in the field of personal leadership. He has built his reputation through a considerable engagement with the core topics in the field. This includes a background in academic research, on the ground experience, and collating insights from the questions he is asked during his speaking engagements.

Products & Services

Organizational Assessment

Dr. Paul Gerhardt is an accomplished practitioner in the area of organizational assessment. He has helped numerous groups gain insight into their internal processes. He has seen success in a wide range of fields using his tried and tested methods. If you feel your organization needs to take a step back to analyze and refocus, contact Dr. Paul today. He will bring valuable insight and awareness to make the changes that make a significant long and short term improvement.

Dr. Paul deploys a set of state-of-the-art assessment tools gleaned from his experience both in the field, and from his background as an educator. Using a mix of motivational speeches, optimized seminars, and team-building exercises, he can help revitalize your company's vision.

Dr. Paul is a certified behavioral analyst and renowned expert in the area of organizational assessment. He is known for his ability to fashion efficient and effective work environments--and doing so in a timely manner.

Clients report that when it comes to Dr. Paul's organizational assessments, that when organizations integrate their recommended results, the difference becomes visible within days.


Dr. Paul maintains that no matter the competition, every business can remain competitive. However, in order to make those gains, you need to hire "The Organizational Doctor". Otherwise you miss valuable insight that makes that positive difference.

Dr. Paul is a master competitive analyst and in his more than a decade of top-level experience, both for-profit and non-profit organizations, he has rightly developed a reputation for his singular and effective results.

Many organizations fall into a sense of complacency, but Dr. Paul believes that each and every organization can benefit from deepening their education. It is this philosophy that motivates him from other consultants to give more and be better for the sake of the client. It is the coupling of his methods, and vision that has seen his interventions in organizations proven consistently successful.

It may be the case that you have fallen behind the trends and need to be exposed or refreshed with the latest management, leadership, or communications skills. Whatever the case demands, Dr. Paul can carry out an organizational analysis to pinpoint your weaknesses, and offer solutions to neutralize them.

Dr. Paul's consultation method centers on clarifying the goals of your organization in order to revive and maintain its competitive edge. His method draws on insights from the social sciences as well as developments in media and technology.

The approach of Dr. Paul emphasizes two requirements. The first is an intensive focus on individual talent, and the harmonization of individual talents across the organization. Secondly, and upon establishing the first requirement, Dr. Paul then moves onto the process of solidifying the organizational bond through teambuilding exercises geared toward the alignment of mutual respect across the board and identification of unique member talents.

Finally, Dr. Paul offers management and executive coaching for leaders open to having their assumptions challenged and their skill-set considerably widened. The confidentiality of clients is completely guaranteed.

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Gerhardt has been the most influential instructor I have ever had…and I’ve had many.

His classroom is an open forum for learning. One where even the most diverse opinions count and students are challenged to go beyond their own personal ideals and that of their fellow classmates to find a common bond between themselves, one that furthers the goals of the group itself. One tends to learn a little about their self as well during the process.

Dr Gerhardt has managed to become one of the more seminal mentors I have ever crossed paths with. I actually believe he has a vested interest in my success and anyone else who is willing to take that extra step of time and effort to become a more effective person at work, and at home.
Paul, is an incredibly dynamic individual who I met at random. He has become the first person I call on for advice. After recently cleaning my computer hard drive, I found I had written over 80 E-mails to Dr. Gerhardt over the last 9 months. All of which…were answered.

In the time I've been associated with Paul Gerhardt, I have been challenged to dig deeply into my own self and find growth in adversity. Paul has led me to greater understandings and helped give me the tools I needed to maximize my potential as a manager, leader, employee, family member and most definitely--human being. Paul has given me confidence, constructive thoughtful criticism and new paradigms to help me get to the next level in my professional and personal life. A Million Thanks to Paul Gerhardt. I highly recommend hiring him for your organizational training and developmental needs.

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Leadership skills are the core to career success and personal happiness. If you want to be your very best, get trained by the leadership skills training expert used by the United States Army, corporations, federal agencies, top banking institutions, local manufacturers, and non-profits. Leadership expert and keynote speaker-Dr. Paul Gerhardt is the author of leadership books, videos and training courses praised by people from all around the world seeking to be more effective. Browse this website to find leadership training, tips, tricks and tools to take your leadership and interpersonal abilities to new levels.

Leadership training isn't just for military generals and corporate CEOs. It can be highly beneficial to any individual no matter what their position in the organization. Learning important leadership skills can make your organization run smoothly with better efficiency and results. Dr. Paul Gerhardt has been delighting HR directors, tadalafil advice managers, and employees since 2000. His Leadership Workshops train and inspire every member of your firm to attain higher goals while skillfully dealing with challenges.